Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

I, the Masked Avenger, have started this little blog and website in the hope that I might more easily and readily show a good face toward the world.

Months ago, under this most interesting of pseudonyms, I began to get involved with several debates online, generally concerning the Catholic faith, and the teachings of the Church. Over time, these debates have grown far beyond their original size and topics, and have spread to many different websites and areas of discussion.

Chances are that if you have found this blog, it is because I have involved myself in such a discussion on a blog you know and love, and have come here to know more where I'm coming from. I therefore apologize that I have so little to offer, but regrettably the flames of a thousand trolls have lead me to leave whatever rational discourse I can muster in the comments box of others.

This may seem dishonorable, and I hope that doesn't upset you dear readers and fellow debaters. With that meager excuse, I shall see you around.